Managed WiFi for Service Providers: How It Helps You

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Managed WiFi is an excellent service that is offered by third-party service providers to support you with delivering your services to customers without any connectivity complications. Many businesses don’t think about outsourcing their WiFi because they see it as part of their job.

But let’s be honest, connectivity issues are like fighting a fire – just when you think you’re done, another problem arises elsewhere, and you’re left to deal with that too. Rather than focusing on upgrades or innovative new devices, you’re left constantly chasing your tails trying to fix issues rather than create exciting new upgrades, etc. But how does a managed WiFi for service providers actually help you?

Day To Day

In terms of the day-to-day operations of your video service business, you will know better than anyone how often staff is wrapped up in dealing with connectivity issues that are preventing customers from accessing the content that they’ve paid for. It’s no secret that this is looked upon unfavorably from a customer’s standpoint, as they are essentially paying for an unreliable service.

By outsourcing your WiFi problems to individuals who are happy to solve connectivity issues and keep your services running as they should, you’re allowing your staff the opportunity to explore ways to improve WiFi connectivity for your customers in a way that will mean you don’t have to put out fires regularly. The trained professionals at a third-party business like Divitel can handle your day-to-day operations whilst you work on solutions to the problem long term.

While ultimately it may feel like you’re paying for a service that your staff is capable of handling themselves, ask yourself: do you want your staff to put out fires, or think up ways of preventing them? If it’s the latter, then managed WiFi might be for you!

Long Term

So, you can see how day-to-day your business’ operation can be improved – your staff will be better situated to think creatively and will be under much less pressure than before – but long term a managed WiFi will work great for your business too.

Companies with managed WiFi have a much more reliable connection to their customers, so much so that even if customers don’t realize that the video streaming service they subscribe to is using it or not, they can certainly see a difference between the two because of the number of issues they have with connectivity. By investing in managed WiFi you’ll be sending out the right message to your customers that you care about them being able to access the content that you’re making available to them. A reputation for reliability is key in the video services industry.

Free Up the Right People At The Right Time

A managed WiFi doesn’t mean that your current IT department will be sitting around doing nothing. Far from it. But rather than concerning themselves constantly with security issues, poor connectivity, and other fires that flare up throughout the working day, they’ll be free to explore new ideas together as a team.

They can sit together and discuss plans to improve your service from a security and connectivity point of view, plans that they are very much qualified to implement, but right now don’t have the time to do. Updates, upgrades, new technology – all of this attracts people who work in IT because it is their mission to see reliable connectivity become a reality. By handing over the more everyday tasks to another team, you’re freeing your best people up to do their best work, and what’s not to love about that?

Next Steps

We have already mentioned Divitel above, a wonderful business that’s more than capable of handling your managed WiFi for you. Take a look at their website and see the sorts of services they offer, and we think you’ll be impressed.

Just remember that not only is a managed WiFi better for your business, but it’s also better for your customers too. Becoming more reliable is the key to success in the video industry, so by focusing on improving connectivity through managed WiFi you are sending out the right message to your customers that you care, and to your competitors that you mean business.