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Demucking System for Various Types of Vehicles


Cleaning vehicles are important. When it is just a private car, it will not take much effort and time to clean it completely. However, it will not become easy job when it is for the trucks and vehicles in construction site or military vehicles. These vehicles have huge body and complicated parts. When these are cleaned manually, it will take much time and even it needs more than just two people to clean the vehicles. That is why MobyDick provides demucking system to assist the process of cleaning the vehicles in construction site and military vehicles.

Excellent Demucking Technology

MobyDick provides demucking system with reliable machines to clean every vehicle. Big sizes will not be big problems since backhoe up to tanks can be cleaned and washed well. The demucking machine from MobyDick is designed to handle these difficult jobs. It sprays the water in designed area to wash every nook of vehicle completely. It does not depend on the water pressure that will only demand high power consumption. The engineers develop system that that will utilize water volume as replacement of the pressure, so the water spray is still strong enough to wash ad clean the vehicles. The water will be sprayed in many directions so vehicles will be washed cleanly. Even tanks and military vehicles from any rough locations still can be cleaned well.

Many Options of Demucking Machines

There are many options of demucking machines from MobyDick. The variations are provided since each company will have different demands depending on type of vehicles that they use. Of course, military vehicles will need different demucking system from the ones in construction sites since types of vehicles are different, so it needs different treatment. In this case, all demucking machines can handle various types of vehicles. Wheeled and railed vehicles are not problems and the military vehicles can also be cleaned well.

This post was published on 11/02/2022

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